Welcome everyone to my DJ blog! Let me explain briefly about the style of my services. After reading this I hope it’s clear why choosing DJ John Piazza is a fantastic idea for your next event!

Humble beginnings – following the road of passion and dedication to be the best

In 2009 I began providing wedding DJ and event lighting services. I have handled hundreds of events at the best venues in the San Francisco Bay Area! With 10 years of DJ experience at wedding, corporate and private club events there isn’t much that I can’t handle. If it’s 60 or 600 people at your event, I bring the DJ equipment and experiential knowledge to make your event unforgettable. If it’s a company party or a flawless wedding event you are planning, my goal is to be the most amazing DJ you have ever heard.

In 2009 I got my start playing at school events, house parties and clubs. In just a year I began playing at small weddings and private events and soon my mixing and song selection skills rapidly improved due to my love and dedication to the art of DJ’ing live. Ten years later I mostly DJ weddings and pride myself on the professional wedding service I provide!

In addition to providing amazing DJ coverage, I pride myself on all of my 5 star Yelp reviews. It’s definitely worth checking out what past clients have to say about how I made their special day unforgettable and enjoyable!

To Mix or not to mix? – Vital keys to managing dance floor energy

Have you ever been to a wedding/private event and the DJ can’t mix two songs? I have and it makes dancing really awkward. As much as I love music and love to have a good time, it’s pretty bad when a DJ train wrecks two songs creating an awkward vibe that empties the dance floor.

At all my events I perform club style mixing that builds and maintains dance floor energy. Some Bay Area DJ companies will actually book you a DJ that has no business performing live because they can only play one song at a time in it’s entirety! That will bore your guests to death because iPod dance parties are a guaranteed fail.

Emcee etiqutte – Do’s & don’ts

The two most common questions I get about my service is what are my musical specialties and what is my style with announcements? Also known as emceeing. First off it’s worth noting that unless I receive a timeline from a coordinator/client that has specific instruction for announcements, I generally stay off the mic. As a performer I am very happy to assist with any and all announcements you may need. It should be noted that any and all emceeing I assist with are done in a tasteful and purposeful manner.

When it comes to the emcee basics such as wedding party introductions, first dance, and introducing toasts or speeches that is absolutely no problem at all. It is my strong belief that all my clients appreciate my emceeing to be free of personal jokes and innuendos that some guests could be offended by. As a general rule, I’ve found it better to be safe than sorry with announcements. DJ’s are primarily meant to mix and build the dance floor all night long and not test out new jokes to a captive audience.

Please enjoy the following video of The Worst DJ Ever. This guy is hilarious but if a DJ did this at your event I’m sure a 1 star Yelp review would be posted within 24 hours!

Going above & beyond – Not just a dj service

When most people think of DJ’s the first thing that comes to mind is the person responsible for music and sound. As true as that is, there is much more involved when providing the best DJ service. Certain aspects of my service I pride myself on are timely responses to emails, being proactive at events, taking initiative, being flexible, attention to detail, anticipating clients needs and keeping my clients stress free so they can have fun!

The list I mentioned has nothing to do with my love of being a DJ. It does however reflect my personal values of being a professional and always trying to create the best service experience for all my clients. In all instances, the vendor client relationship is an oportunity for the vendor to shine and grow as a company.

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