Welcome and thanks for visiting djjohnpiazza.com!  Allow me to share with you some of the ways I can help make your event a success while meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Mixing And Connecting With Your Guests

If you’re hoping to find a DJ that can mix and connect with your guests then you have the right place.  A typical DJ set for me consists of mixing songs with seamless transitions while choosing the the right music that gets your guests out on the dance floor the entire night.  As important as smooth transitions are from song to song, I take a lot effort and consideration to make sure my clients musical tastes are well represented while keeping their guests moving all night.

Meeting Your Tastes And Expectations

The best part of being a DJ is the musical variation each client has from one week to the next.  When clients come to me for guidance on music for their dance set, I usually ask them to provide about 15 must play songs so that I can get a good idea what their tastes are.  By doing this I then can compliment their favorite songs and artists with relevant songs that pair well with their preferred music list.

Services Offered – Equipped For Success

To assist with seamless music and voice amplification for your event, I combine high quality wireless microphones, top of line speakers, intelligent lighting and tried and true mixing equipment to offer a premium DJ company experience. If it’s an intimate 50 person event or a 300 person guest count I’m happy to help make your event look and sound great with the right equipment.  Also if you are planning a special movie presentation be sure to ask me about projector and screen coverage.  I can handle that too!

Experience, Quality & Service

I understand there are many DJ companies to choose from in the San Francisco Bay Area and I want to thank you for taking time to consider my company as a possible option.  Please feel welcome to email me at iamdjjohnpiazza@gmail.com for a fair and competitive quote. I’d love to learn more about your event and discuss how to make it a success.

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  1. Oh I like your website! It’s something that draws you in and shares exactly what you do. I REALLY enjoyed the Facebook posts at the bottom of the page. I looked at it on my smartphone while at work on break. It works nicely with mobile! I think you picked a great theme. It goes nicely with what you’re talking about. I liked your sharing of mixing your music. Is it something you would consider (or have you already done so) putting up tutorials on how you mix your music and what programs you use for it?
    Well done!

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