Smart DJ Shopping

With ten years of DJ experience, I’d like to cover some basic items folks may want to consider when searching for the right DJ for their event.

Sample Your Prospective DJ – Request A Link To A Live Mix

If you’re interested in hiring a DJ, one thing to consider is requesting a mix of one of their live recordings at an event. This is a pretty legitimate request. Consider this, would you want to test drive a car before driving off the lot? I’m guessing most likely.  How would  hiring a DJ differ?  This is just one thing to consider when hiring a DJ who might be playing a critical role in one of the most important days of your life!  Choose wisely because not all DJ’s despite being very talented will be able to entertain your particular group of guests.

Get Familiar With Your DJ – Request A Client Call

It’s important for clients to express what their tastes and vision are for their upcoming event and equally important for a DJ to determine if they are capable of meeting those needs.  Unfortunately the DJ profession is somewhat unregulated and the range of talent and professionalism spans a wide swath from top-notch seasoned professionals to the other end.  A simple 15 minute phone call could prove to be very valuable in finding the best fit for your event.

Request Video Footage – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Even better than a live DJ mix is video. There is a huge take away from watching a prospective DJ on video. Not only can you hear music selection and song transitions but you now have the opportunity to see how the crowd is responding. This is gold and should be able to build consumer confidence when choosing the right DJ to go with. There is a ton of talent among Bay Area DJ’s and San Francisco wedding DJ’s but it’s good to know what a DJ’s strengths and style are before putting a deposit down.  A video is yet another opportunity to gain perspective on making the best decision.

Bringing It All Together – Selecting The Right DJ

Having mentioned everything so far the items below would be great considerations when choosing the right disc jockey for your event.

  • Live/Studio Demo Mixes
  • Video Footage (Live Event)
  • Articulate Phone Skills (Perspective with emceeing)
  • Ability To Commit (Several Months In Advance)

Keeping this post in mind I think everyone shopping for a DJ will be in good shape.  As you probably have found, more often the best DJ’s begin booking out their calendar 12 months in advance.  If you haven’t started your DJ search I’d recommend sooner is better than later when securing a quality individual.  No matter what you are celebrating, congratulations and I hope you found this information helpful.  If there are any questions I can answer please leave me a comment below or send me an email and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as possible.

1 Comments on “Smart DJ Shopping”

  1. In integral part of any great wedding party, the DJ is undervalued.

    Great information on what to consider here; I never though of requesting a video to see the DJ in action. Could end up with a washed up has been from The Wedding Singer. :D.

    Everyone’s musical tastes are vastly different these days, I know my friend would have a EDM party while myself would stick to classics, so actually seeing what the DJ does would be a great foresight.

    Thanks for the information.

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