Welcome to the mixes page!  Here I have chosen some of my studio mixes for you to preview and get a general feel of how I mix and transition songs.  The motivation to make some of these mixes came out of necessity to prepare and familiarize for upcoming events during my early years as a DJ. As I was just getting started playing in front of people, the night before an event usually consisted of a mild panic attack which resulted in an impromptu practice session that led to what you are hopefully about to preview.

After a while my nerves settled down and my confidence grew which led the way to enjoying the process of mixing and preparing these demo’s.  Within time it was fun and challenging to discover new music and finding ways to sequence tracks that made sense.  I also found that by familiarizing with new songs and genres I felt better prepared.

The demos below range quite a bit from Motown to Top 40.  It’s my hope that whatever your vision is, one the of the mixes below will resonate as a possible goto genre for your event.

Legacy Mixes – Dance Familiarity

Legacy mixes consist of what you might have guessed, a lot very familiar tracks that most people know the words to.  When it comes to getting people out on the dance floor, I always choose songs that match my clients tastes but are also familiar to most people.  One observation I’ve made are new songs that nobody has heard before can be a “hard sell” when it comes to populating dance floors.  One the other hand, overly “outdated” tracks with young crowds can fail miserably.  My job is finding the right combination of old and new that keeps your guests engaged.