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My Story – Origins

Born in San Francisco and raised in Marin Country I have always considered the Bay Area home. With all my family members being musicians, I was exposed to music at a very young age and would play guitar and sing with friends throughout high school and college. Once in college I was drawn to the DJ culture and dance music of all types. Soon dance music grew from a casual interest to a full time hobby. By 2010 I began performing at events professionally and have never looked back.

A majority of the events I perform at today are weddings however I do perform at a few corporate, private and club events each year.  Currently I have a club residency in San Francisco at Club Monarch on Thursday nights where you can find me spinning old school funk, soul and disco with a few modern tracks mixed in. I feel comfortable mixing many genres into a seamless dance set but also have broad knowledge of more traditional non mixing music if that is what the crowd is into.

One of my strengths is taking care of clients with prompt email responses so they know they are valued and a top priority. Working as a mobile disc jockey is more than just a job but a career that allows me to help create lasting memories for my clients. I feel honored at each event to have been chosen to be a part of someones special day no matter the size and scope of the event.  My number one concern when DJing an event is to represent my clients tastes and meet their expectations though music selection, mixing and tasteful emceeing.  At the end of the night it really is about if my client had a great time and it’s rare to find a career as personally rewarding as being a DJ.

My Goal

Finding the right DJ for your event can be a little tricky and the purpose of my site is to provide you with as much information as possible to be successful.  There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a DJ company and hopefully my insight will lead you in the right direction so you can sit back, relax and just be in the moment.

If you have a question or need help with something leave a comment below or send me an email at iamdjjohnpiazza@gmail.com.


John Piazza


9 Comments on “About John…”

  1. Hi John, I am also a lover of soul/funk/dance music. It looks like you are very customer focused, which is a very good thing in business. Sounds like logical? It is not, as a lot of entrepreneurs still tend to forget customer support. You have provided your audience with very useful background information and shown them that you are well experienced at the same time.
    I am sure that when you are as versatile as stated, you will be having a broad customer base. Good luck!

    • Hi Jerry – Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my site.  It’s great to receive your note.  As you stated it is true that I do my best to make all my clients feel valued.  Sometimes the music and mixing aspect of my job is secondary to just listening and providing clients with solutions and ideas with whatever might be on their mind.  That said the music is what got me here but it’s clients that will hopefully keep me here.  Thanks again for stopping by Jerry, pleasure meeting you. JP

  2. Hi John, thoroughly enjoyed reading your about page and it is a pity you are so far away that I would not be able to ask you to DJ for me at any point.

    However, I will most certainly keep up to date with your tips and advice for picking a great DJ as I have twin boys who are 21 in November and they haven’t decided if they are having a party or not.

    • Hey Cheryl – Thanks for the note and for stopping by it was a pleasure to receive your note.  So sorry to hear you aren’t in my service area however many folks do choose to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area and have a destination party/event.  Let me know if you do decide to do that as I would be more than happy to get you squared away with some pretty stellar venues in the area!  Thanks again for commenting and stopping by and please let me know if there is anything I can assist with in the future.  JP

  3. Hey,

    I like how you make it about finding the right DJ for an event, as opposed to hiring you and only you, that’s honesty and caring about the client and it’s being underrated nowadays.

    You really love what you do and we can tell! Plus you have some great advice on how to choose a DJ on the rest of the website, so well done!

    I wish you the best!

    • PJ – How’s it going?  Very good to hear from you again.  You bring up a really good point.  My thought is that when people land on my site they pretty much know what I’m about.  i figured the only way I would break from the pack of amazing DJ’s in the Bay Area would be to help people gain a better understanding of the DJ community.  With so much competition and a large number of consumers who have never booked a DJ before, hopefully my content can help a few very well intentioned couples avoid some of the pitfalls involved with hiring someone who may not fit their needs/tastes.  I took your advice on some of the athletics and you were right.  Thanks for the solid input Sir!  


      DJ John

  4. Hi John,
    The worlds needs more quality music and I sense you are just the man to bring it to us.
    I have been to far too many events where the music was a last minute add-on to the event or even worse a really bad jazz band was chosen all for appearances sake (the music was terrible). Seems to be a running theme.

    How has modern technology and modern jukeboxes/playlists changed the DJ scene?

    • Hi Remy,

      Thanks for the comment and stopping by.  Sorry to hear about your luck, bad music is very frustrating. If anything technology should be making it easier for DJ’s to sound better with either music selection or with mixing.  With the advent of Spotify there really is no reason a DJ can’t educate him/her self to get a pulse on whats relevant for any genre.  

      With DJ’ing nothing really can replace experience.  Currently their is no technology that can enhance experiential knowledge and for that I’m very grateful.  When a DJ has several years of experience they are bringing with them inside knowledge with what works.  Event though there is an awesome song on the radio that is number one, that DJ may have tried it a half dozen times and the crowd response could have been terrible.  

      There is something that regular people don’t get and that is all the rules of music that normally apply to everyday life just don’t apply when it comes to DJ’ing.  DJ’ing is tricky when it comes to open format and mixed crowds.   With mixing technology I could go on for days about how technology has made it a million times easier to sound better.  My guess is that you either encountered some really inexperienced DJ’s or the DJ’s you saw were somewhat pigeon holed by what the client wanted.  

      In that case even the best DJ can’t sound good because the person paying him at the end of the night is now in control of music selection versus the experienced professional.  So there you have it, it’s easy to assume a bad sounding DJ is bad. In most cases sure, they are bad but not always.  Even with the insane amount technology has improved DJ’ing even the best equipment will not make an inexperiences DJ sound good.  I guarantee that 100%.  Hope that helped and phenomenal question.

  5. Hi Johnny, thank you for sharing some of your life story with us. I really appreciate that. I can appreciate how you discovered and fell in love with DJ music and dance parties just at a time when it was starting to grow and evolve into something mainstream and super popular. Old school funk and disco seem great to party along to. I am sure that your events have a great vibe and are really successful. I can see how you really care about creating a night that works really well for your clients and their customers / guests. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

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